Introduction to Trolleys and Overhead

Here are a few pictures that show what it looks like. This is divided in to a couple sections. The overhead and associated equipment. My Division. And as lagniappe, our local trolley "museum" I realize that this is probably overly technical...and doesn't really show what I mostly do (harassing passengers and terrifying auto drivers), but I don't have many action shots.

Overhead etc.
Our electric buses are powered by 600 volts DC, from a two wire overhead system. Left wire is hot. Nominal clearance is 18 feet.

021023-1035-5Fulton-Overhead (480x360, 56.1 kilobytes) 020211124501_124 (480x360, 42.9 kilobytes) 020212-1101-Townsend-Fourth (360x480, 43.0 kilobytes) 021027-0934-PresidioYard (480x360, 40.4 kilobytes) 021102-1327-Fourth-Folsom (480x360, 51.8 kilobytes) 021027-0937-OhioBrass-shoe (480x360, 47.3 kilobytes) 021027-0938-OhioBrass-shoe (360x480, 53.2 kilobytes) 0203-ETI-Keipe4 (480x360, 46.6 kilobytes) 0203-ETI-Keipe4 (480x360, 58.1 kilobytes) 0203-ETI-Keipe2 (480x360, 42.6 kilobytes) 0203-ETI-Keipe3 (480x360, 55.7 kilobytes) 021027-0819-ETI-shoe (480x360, 53.5 kilobytes) 021103-1209-ETI-BO-harp (480x360, 50.6 kilobytes) 021023-1337-ETI-Primus-Pier15 (480x360, 56.1 kilobytes) Stockton at Pacific (480x360, 58.1 kilobytes)

Presidio Yard

021027-0933-Presidio-oldTrk20 (480x360, 39.7 kilobytes) 021027-0933-PresidioYard (480x360, 69.2 kilobytes) 021103-1220-PresidioYd (480x360, 47.2 kilobytes) 021103-1219-PresidioYd (480x360, 46.7 kilobytes) 021027-1353-PresidioYard-pits (480x360, 46.5 kilobytes) 021103-1216-PresidioYd (480x360, 49.9 kilobytes) 021103-1217-PresidioYd (480x360, 45.3 kilobytes) 021103-1216-PresidioYd (480x360, 42.1 kilobytes) 021027-1350-PresidioYard-pit2 (360x480, 47.8 kilobytes) 021027-1349-PresidioYard-pit3 (480x360, 54.6 kilobytes)

Mint Yard

021029-1535-Duboce-Church (480x360, 61.3 kilobytes) 021029-1538-Duboce-Church (480x360, 54.3 kilobytes) 021029-1539-Duboce-Church (480x360, 56.4 kilobytes) 021029-1541-14-106-351-MintYard (480x360, 54.2 kilobytes) 021029-1546-14 (480x360, 47.9 kilobytes) 021029-1549-14-MintYard (480x360, 56.3 kilobytes) 021029-1604-14-MintYard (480x360, 47.4 kilobytes) 021029-1606-798-106-14-MintYard (480x360, 51.2 kilobytes) 021029-1607-351-MintYard (480x360, 56.1 kilobytes) 021029-1608-798-MintYard (360x480, 44.3 kilobytes) 021029-1608-DubocePortal (480x360, 42.7 kilobytes) 021029-1610-MintYard (480x360, 60.1 kilobytes)

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