Xmas Decorations, 2001

Posed in Presidio Yard

011222-a-5xxx (480x360, 51.8 kilobytes) 011224-a-5xxx (360x480, 58.6 kilobytes) 011224-b-5xxx (360x480, 52.5 kilobytes) 011225-a-5120 (360x480, 39.0 kilobytes) 011225-b-5120 (480x360, 37.4 kilobytes) 011225-c-5120 (360x480, 40.1 kilobytes) 011225-d-5120 (360x480, 43.0 kilobytes) 011225-e-5120 (480x360, 49.0 kilobytes) 011225-f-5120 (480x360, 53.9 kilobytes) 011225-g-5120 (480x360, 53.0 kilobytes)

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