Halloween 2003

Comprised of two installations of decorations spread over three days

Halloween Eve

031030-195432-5556-Townsend4th (500x375, 53.3 kilobytes) 031030-195419-5556-Townsend4th (375x500, 61.0 kilobytes)

031031-201830-5575-Townsend4th (500x375, 56.1 kilobytes) 031031-202117-5575-Townsend4th (375x500, 63.1 kilobytes) 031031-201847-5575-Townsend4th (375x500, 52.5 kilobytes) 031031-201945-5575-Townsend4th (375x500, 53.7 kilobytes) 031031-220358-5575-UnionSt-m (500x375, 55.0 kilobytes)

031101-024409-5575-Lyon-Greenwich-m (375x500, 33.8 kilobytes) 031101-024439-5575-Lyon-Greenwich (375x500, 61.7 kilobytes) 031101-024524-5575-Lyon-Greenwich (500x375, 48.0 kilobytes) 031101-024547-5575-Lyon-Greenwich (375x500, 48.1 kilobytes) 031031-202030-5575-Townsend4th (375x500, 57.8 kilobytes)

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