Halloween on the 30-Stockton, 2002

More of less as the evening passed.

At the outer terminal Reality is somewhere in between Actually had a grumpy chip on her shoulder tourist, she commented that it wasn't a costume, I was showing my soul, I told her that demons don't have souls. I forgot to pose my tail in these.  You can just see it behind my leg.  Actually attached it to the seat so it would droop down as I was driving.  I'm being given candy here.  One of the neighborhood guys saw the bus and came out. Ran into a kindred spirit on my way to the restroom. Best dressed passengers for the evening. I forgot to remove the spider when I went home.  I wonder if it surprised anyone the next morning. A series of views at the other end of the line. And finally, just before going home, a couple last pictures with a more appropriate headsign. Happy Halloween! Created using Thotor, Photo Thumbnail Generator!

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