November 24, 2002 Charter

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021124-1639-Balboa-40th- (360x480, 44.1 kilobytes) 021124-1640-Balboa-40th- (360x480, 33.7 kilobytes) 021124-1641-5029-Balboa-40th- (480x360, 47.6 kilobytes) 021124-1642-Balboa-40th- (480x360, 40.7 kilobytes) 021124-1643-Balboa-40th- (360x480, 50.7 kilobytes) 021124-1644-5029-Balboa-40th- (480x360, 49.1 kilobytes) 021124-1718-5029-14th-Quintara- (360x480, 48.6 kilobytes) 021124-1720-5029-14th-Quintara- (480x360, 42.5 kilobytes) 021124-172116 (480x360, 37.7 kilobytes) 021124-1721-5029-14th-Quintara- (480x360, 43.7 kilobytes) 021124-1722-5029-14th-Quintara- (480x360, 42.9 kilobytes) 021124-1723-5029-14th-Quintara- (480x360, 35.2 kilobytes) 021124-1745-Market-Clayton (480x360, 44.5 kilobytes) 021124-1746-Market-Clayton (480x360, 31.6 kilobytes) 021124-1747-Market-Clayton (360x480, 41.1 kilobytes)

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